Interior Photography. ___Stunning interior photos showcasing your property to its full potential. Poor lighting and overcast skies? problem! Our careful colour grading process ensures every day is a blue sky day at Propertyflix!   


Aerial Photography & Video.  Add wow factor with a few aerial shots of your property, showcasing that USP sea view that can only ever be seen from above!  We are licensed, CAA approved professional UAV (drone) operators and hold full £2M public liability insurance.

Video.  Showcase your property or business with a full HD quality promotional video.  Using the latest 3 axis stabliser equipment and lenses, this service provides the ultimate sales tool.  Add some 4K aerial footage to this and blow your audience away. 

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Edinburgh aerial photographers and filmmakers, passionate about creating engaging visual media for all things property.  We are licensed, professional drone operators and hold the required CAA approvals for all commercial aerial work.   Check out our latest aerial property video below...

Scotland's Leading Aerial Drone Professionals

We are a small  team of creatives based in Edinburgh, with backgrounds in video production, photography, marketing and design.   Our work ethic is simply taking great pride in creating premium, affordable, vibrant and engaging videos and photos, showcasing property and businesses to their maximum potential.
We’re all about that vital first impression and making properties or businesses stand out from the competition.  With everything we create, our eye is on detail and making it the best it can be.  We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and ultimately, only when our clients are over the moon with our product,  then we consider our job done.  
In May 2015 we passed our ICARUS exams and became qualified UAV (drone) operators, attaining the mandatory CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permissions (PfAW) for all commercial aerial work.  We can fly and record video at 4K resolution and shoot all stills at 12Mb RAW for the highest quality.   Safety is ALWAYS our No.1 priority when operating our drone and we fly strictly within CAA regulations at all times.
We have freelance for and have a great working partnership with Squarefoot in Edinburgh.   We also do work for private clients and commercial property companies throughout Scotland.  We specialise in drone photography and video for uses such as golf course flyovers, aerial wedding group shots, luxury estate showcases, roofing and conveyancing surveys... the list of potential uses for commercial drone work is endless.
Al James, propertyflix property videos

About Us


Our Services

Our three key services are photography, both interior and aerial, and video production.   Creating something from nothing is what we love to do so will consider any kind of project... just ask!    
We hope the quality of our work speaks for itself.    Find out more and check out at a few examples of recently completed projects below. 

Interior Photography

We can provide you with a fast turnaround of 'print ready' high quality property photos.  These will be carefully colour graded output at the correct resolution for uploading to your portal websites, as well as for use on your own company website and physical brochures.    See further examples here.

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Aerial Photography & Video

Sea views or picturesque location?   They're only worth shouting about if your target audience can see them.   Which is why we love to take to the skies with our UAV (a.k.a. drone) and capture those stunning views for you.   We are fully qualified, PL insured and hold the mandatory CAA certification (PfAW) for all commercial aerial work. We shoot photo still images in RAW format and can record video at 4K resolution for pristine quality.    A few photo examples above.


We operate a remotely piloted DJI Inspire 1 unmanned drone under 7Kg in weight.   Safety is our no.1 priority with all flight operations and we fly within CAA regulations at all times.   Flights will not exceed 500m distance and 400 feet in height - trust us, that's far and high enough for most jobs and,  on a clear day, is more than sufficient for all aerial work.   Also, as long as it's not raining or blowing a gust then conditions are generally good for flying.    


We are ultimately responsbile for safe flights.   A largely unseen part of our aerial work is completed in advance, before any propellers are moving.   With all flights we will assess and mitigate risk by carrying out thorough weather and air traffic checks, pre-flight risk assessments and dynamic risk assessments on the day of flight.   There are a few other factors for us to consider such as congested areas, public, buildings etc. but it's our job to mitigate those risks in line with our operation manual.   We haven't encountered a job yet where we haven't been able to fly.   However, being safety conscious we will not consider paid aerial work if conditions mean the flight cannot be carried out safely.

£2M Public Liability indemnity through John Heath Insurance Limited

HD Interior Videos

We specialise in three main video genres - property video,  aerial film and promotional business showreels.  


On the ground, we film everything in XAVC-S, 50Mbps broadcast using professional Canon and Sony DSLR video equipment with Zeiss ultra wide angle and prime lenses, rendering from 4K to full HD1080p.  


We use the latest stabiliser technology where the feeling of 'gliding' through a property can be achieved.  This effect can look quite stunning and gives the viewer a true first person walkthrough perspective, the feeling of being there in the moment.   It allows us to cover large rooms quickly in great detail and is particularly effective on luxury properties.  


Now combine this with some stunning aerial drone footage, for example, panning around larger prestige properties and this service provides estate agents with what we consider to be the ultimate property sales tool.  


Some examples below.


Our latest product offering is golf club showcase videos, featuring full 18 hole flyover and panning scenes around the clubhouse.   


We chose to film this at 7am in the morning when Kinghorn Golf Course was quiet, giving us that freedom to experiment with different drone angles and views of the stunning landscape.   


We also offer a bespoke iOs app to accompany golf course videos, where visitors can glean that extra element of 'local knowledge' by watching individual hole flyovers, right from their iPhone or Android device! 


Get in touch for more information on this.

A few words from some happy clients

Propertyflix were professional, polite & easy to deal with from the offset having been recommended to us by one of our clients.  They really captured the heart of the property and it was complimented by the fitting background music.  Prompt & efficient from the offset.   We were further impressed to be informed how many video hits the property in question had once it was marketed.

Kat Usher

Property Manager

Propertyflix created a fantastic video for us to promote a new show apartment.  They were a pleasure to work with and produced a high quality video within a short period of time and with no disruption.   We will look forward to working with them again in future.

Katy Lavery

Marketing Manager

Al at Propertyflix is a true artist.  He has an exceptional ability to transform vision and direction into on-target creative.  He brought forward beautiful design and creative ideas in a timely manner and with excellent communications skills. I recommend Al unequivocally and would use his services again in a heartbeat.

Agnieszka Ford


It was an absolute pleasure working with Al from Propertyflix.   Al really understood what our festival was about and was able to transfer the food and fun filled atmosphere of Foodies onto film.   We look forward to working with Al in the future. 

Gary Anderson

Press Manager

Working with Propertyflix to produce a video for our business was a real pleasure.   Being a little nervous at being filmed they put our team at ease and were able to get some lovely footage to produce a very natural film.   We are delighted with our completed video, it has captured what we wanted to present, has brought new interest to our business and is a great representation of what we do.

Sharon Nugent


Alastair from Propertflix produced a course video of Kinghorn golf course that exceeded our expectations.  All minor requests were promptly responded to and Alastairs attention to detail and skill ensured the final product was of the highest quality

Alistair MacGregor

Chief Executive

Both Jill and I think you’ve done a superb job of videoing our property. The final edit looks wonderful, so much so we can’t figure out why we are selling!! Once again many thanks for your time and effort. 

Bruce & Jill Bennett

Home owner

Dalgety Bay, Fife

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